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“Ten Steps to a Dynamic Development Committee”

July 31, 2012

AFP Member Roselyn Smolej-Hill graciously shared her thoughts on our last AFP Education Session. 

On July 19, 2012, AFP hosted a breakfast meeting for its members with Erich Tillach, Vice President of Donor Relations, Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, giving a presentation on “Ten Steps to a Dynamic Development Committee”.  What could have been a very boring subject, woke the audience up not only with realistic steps to creating a development team that gets the job done and isn’t afraid to make the ask, but made the audience laugh with his self-deprecating humor. This had to be one of my favorite presentations in the many years I have been an AFP member.

 He began with evaluating your current program, looking at your past to plan for the future, setting specific goals, building the right team, assigning roles and responsibilities, explaining your expectations, how to qualify prospects, getting your prospects engaged, making the ask and finally, the follow up. For each step, Erich had strong, insightful ideas as how to make things work. I thought this was a wonderful presentation for anyone in development, whether you were new to the career or a seasoned professional. I think we could all use some new ideas or reinforcements of what we are already doing. I was very happy I made the effort to attend a breakfast meeting. Not only was the presentation excellent, but the food was wonderful as well!

 If you’d like more information, check out the members only section of website for Erich’s handouts.  

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