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Tweeting President Clinton

March 26, 2011

 President Bill Clinton was the keynote speaker at the Association of Fundraising Professionals conference on 3/22/11 in Chicago.  I was in attendance, and was one of several individuals who tweeted his talk.  Attached is a compilation I have created using a representative sample of everyone’s tweets in as close to chronological order as I could manage. If you read it, you will get an idea of what the president talked about, as well as some random thoughts from the attendees about the experience.  If you are unfamiliar with Twitter, please read the first comment under this post, it will explain a few things.  And now, President Clinton via tweets . . .

@katherinejyang: Bill Clinton line, Bill Clinton time!  

@Lwester17: RT @simply_raven: RT @LeahEustace: You thought the lineup for Bill was bad? Imagine the shuttle bus chaos later!  

@AFPMilw: Pres Clinton abt to take stage, anticipation is palpable.  

@jlmullinax: So excited to hear President Bill Clinton speak at #afpmeet

@paolaferrer: Anxious to hear President Clinton!   

@TheCfD: At #afpmeet, waiting for pres #billclinton to come on stage.

@aliceferris: About to get a photo w President Bill Clinton! AFP pays off! (Grant Martin thinks I’m waiting for a pic with him.)

@TDGAndrea: Chatted with President Clinton for about 10 mins backstage. Charming and friendly to all.  

@SeanTriner:  Jealous of @andrewwatt – bill Clinton knows him now.  

@TASCmatt: Ladies and gentlemen, William Jefferson Clinton!  

@simply_raven: OMG it’s really him yeah bill!!

@AFPMilw: Pres Clinton calls us a “pretty rowdy crowd.”  

@Lwester17: Bill Clinton is here and speaking– more softly than I expected!!  

@CGAndersen: “It’s hard to ask people for money all your life” Bill Clinton  

@Kannwischer: President Clinton on philanthropy: 2 things won’t change – emergencies and disasters   

President Clinton, ‘Why people give? They’re asked, good pitch, their beliefs, makes them feel good!’  

@Lwester17: Bill Clinton just commented on Mid Level donors!!

@abales: You are needed! Tragedies will always happen. There will always be gaps. President Clinton

@abales: Why has the response to Japan not been as strong to Japan as it was for Haiti? President Clinton  

@AFPMilw: Pres Clinton urges US citizens to donate to help the people of Japan.  

@petehelps: Clinton gives a plug for #NPR funding coupled with a dig at #FoxNews.  

@aliceferris: President Clinton expressing support for funding public broadcasting specifically for rural America!  

@LeahEustace: Bill’s hair is quite pouffy. Wonder what products he uses.  // I could use some right now!

@simply_raven: Only last part of 20th century could Most People live under democratically elected govmnt, world is trending well @billclinton

All revolutions can be hijacked by powers that be @billclinton

@TASCmatt: “Terrorism is a metaphor for instability in our modern world”

@Lwester17: President Clinton, ‘On balance the world is trending in a good way. With technology things are changing dramatically. ‘

@LeahEustace: “When I was inaugurated there were a total of 50 internet sites. That many have been posted just while I’ve been talking”  

@Lwester: @billclinton a kid can find on the internet in 30 secs what it took me 4 years in college to learn!! LOL  

@AFPMilw: “When I was elected president the ave cell phone weighed 5 pounds.” – Bill Clinton

@paulhabig:  Clinton on global warming… Still a real threat to the world

@FarrahBAzizi: “I spent a lot of your tax money to do it” referring to complete genome sequencing finished in 2000 @ClintonGlobal  #Clinton

@abales: President Clinton says most of us came from Neanderthals? 🙂  

@TASCmatt: Just heard a US President discuss early humans “hooking up” with nienderthals #SurrealMuch?  

@AFPMilw: Clinton: Humans R 99.5% the same genetically, interesting because we spend 99.5% of our time worrying about the other .5%  

@SeanTriner: @billclinton is on to muons and super colliders now. He is like a walking @newscientist subscription.  

@abales: Positive particles outweigh negative particles & give us hope. President Clinton emphasizing his belief in evolution & Big Bang.

@matt_cleveland: “We’re learning about science but watching Dancing With the Stars.” President Clinton

Bill Clinton: “We as a society have more information than ever before, but run the risk of collectively falling victim to ADD”  

@BClarkWhitney: Pres Clinton: “will this increase the positive or decrease the negative? That’s what I ask myself”  

@AFPMilw: Clinton’s filter to get involved in a project: Will this raise up the forces of positive and reduce the forces of negative?   

@simply_raven: 3 baskets of problems, world in unequal, unstable for next century. Time to fix this or we self destruct @ billclinton  

@abales: President Bill Clinton, lots of inequality spread in America from 1940 to 1980, & worsened in 1980 to 2010 by public policy.  

@jazzyjade45: never knew about #poll #tax #blackhistory thanks Mr. Clinton  

@ kerikaeindc “Currently, our world is unequal, unstable, and unsustainable.” @billclinton

@simply_raven: Rich are getting richer, this is not sustainable public policy @ billclinton  

@simply_raven: America needs to engage in genuine reforms @billclinton  

@FarrahBAzizi: “There will always be a gap btwn what the private sector can produce and what the public sector can provide” #Clinton  

@abales: President Clinton will not go into a country unless invited & they sign a no corruption agreement.  

@FarrahBAzizi: “Technology has given donors, NGOs and the press more transparency” @ClintonGlobal @ClintonTweet

@LeahEustace: “One thing that technology has allowed us to do is be more transparent” Bill Clinton  

@FarrahBAzizi: “More and more charities will be doing projects with the government and the private sector” @ClintonGlobal @ClintonTweet

@Kannwischer: Future includes more strategic partnerships with private orgs and governments. President Clinton  

@simply_raven: Need to build systems in Haiti from ground up @ billclinton  

@simply_raven: Poor countries have no working systems @ billclinton  

@TASCmatt: “poor countries lack systems…we have systems that work but take them for granted”  

@simply_raven: Rich countries are complacent, risk adverse, concerned about present gains instead of future benefits @ billclinton  

@TylerKalogeros: People become more interested in holding on to what they have rather than taking a chance to make things better for future gens  

@AFPMilw: Clinton: NGOs unique. Don’t have to be afraid of failure like gov’t & don’t have to produce quarterly profit like biz  

@simply_raven: Payroll tax cut is most economically efficient, least efficient is giving more to rich folks @ billclinton

@TASCmatt: “Politics is two questions: what do you want to do & how much does it cost? …not enough time considering how things get done.”  

@Lwester 17:  politics is a contact sport but I loved every day, even the bad ones @billclinton. Genius!

@AFPMilw: NPOs shld “answer the how question. Figure out how to do things better, faster & cheaper” says Clinton  

@matt_cleveland: “The way we use and produce energy is our ticket out of this mess, and we better punch it.” President Clinton  

Clinton says sustainable energy job development will fuel the American economy. Amen!  

@TASCmatt: “The number one way the USA can grow jobs is to change the way we produce and use energy.”  

@TASCmatt: “If we leave Obama’s system in place, by 2014 the US will manufacture 40% of the world’s electric cell batteries”  

@TylerKalogeros: Sounds like the Clinton Climate Change Initiative is doing some really amazing things  

@LeahEustace: “Why in the living daylights are we not retrofitting every school, every building” Bill Clinton  

@simply_raven: Need to expand loan amortization period for retrofitting, figure out how to do what is needed @ billclinton  

@TylerKalogeros: We could be realizing millions in $ and climate savings if we focused on efficiencies  

@FarrahBAzizi: “W 25% unemployment in construction, why in the living daylight are we not retrofitting every school, every bldg…” @ClintonGlobal  

@FarrahBAzizi: “Every dollar spent on retrofitting creates 7k jobs” @ClintonGlobal

@simply_raven: Building retrofit creates hundreds of jobs, saves 38% on energy, great benefit @ billclinton  

@AFPMilw: NPOs shld “answer the how question. Figure out how to do things better, faster & cheaper” says Clinton  

@dibuonom Pres Bill Clinton: it’s not just about what you’re doing and how much it costs, but about how you’re doing it.  

@AFPARK: “The world needs you and the people you represent.” President Clinton  

 @TASCmatt “Don’t just play on peoples’ guilt. The world needs [fundraisers] and it needs the people you serve.”  

@jdotts “The 21st century is too complicated to only get there with a strong private sector and strong government.” Pres. Clinton address to #afpmeet

@TylerKalogeros: The world is too big to get by with a vigorous public and private sector w/o ngos  

@simply_raven: US government is majoring in the minors when it comes to budget @ billclinton  

@FarrahBAzizi: “Very different Americans show up at midterm elections than do at Presidential elections” @ClintonGlobal @ClintonTweet  

@paul61877  “Every American who didn’t vote actually DID vote for the current Congress.”  

@FarrahBAzizi: “75% of the budget is medicare, medicaid, SS and defense spending” @ClintonGlobal @ClintonTweet  

@petehelps: Clinton: the future is massive numbers of people giving modest amounts of $, never hesitating to address the how of social change.  

“We need to bring it (low dollar giving) into the framework of giving” @ClintonGlobal @ClintonTweet   #Clinton

@ kerikaeindc President Clinton gave a nice little shout out to the #GivingPledge!  

@paul61877: No, @PlumfieldLS , I am not physically in the room, merely watching the  #afpmeet hash-tag feed

@FarrahBAzizi: “There are still a substantial number of wealthy people who give hardly anything” @ClintonGlobal @ClintonTweet   #Clinton

@LeahEustace: “Most important thing fundraisers can do is help your org become sustainable” Bill Clinton  

@petehelps: Clinton: We need to bring low-amount, large-scale donations, like texts during Haiti tragedy, into mainstream giving  

@lpdiversa: RT @AFPottawa: “Fundraisers should focus on ideas that will change the world” Bill Clinton  

@rtina711: RT @bclarkwhitney: President Clinton: The future of #fundraising is massive amounts of people giving moderate amounts of money.  

RT @GailPerrync: RT @Jim_Anderson1: RT @maximumharvest: RT @petehelps Clinton knows charity, fundraising & social change. W/passion. Impressive  

@LeahEustace: Andrea McManus doing a great job asking Bill Clinton questions. I’d be uber intimidated!  

RT @LeahEustace: Bet her heart rate is through the roof 🙂 RT @TASCmatt: She swooning? RT @LeahEustace: Andrea McManus doing a great job  

@jhashof: Such an honor to hear Bill Clinton speak at   today! Inspiring & engaging. Thank you, AFP, for bringing him to Chicago!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. A Derse permalink
    April 13, 2011 7:38 pm

    Julie, wow…thank you so much for taking the time to compile all these tweets – such a great recap of Bill’s presentation!
    My most favorite quote is “Every American who didn’t vote actually DID vote for the current Congress.” (Amen!)

  2. Julie Whelan Capell permalink
    March 26, 2011 9:55 pm

    If you are unfamiliar with Twitter, here is some info to help you read the above post:
    • @AFPMilw – this is an example of a Twitter handle, in fact, it is the Twitter handle I was using throughout the conference. Every Twitter handle starts with the @ sign, followed by a combination of letters and numbers (no spaces). Capitalization matters in a Twitter handle.
    • #afpmeet – this is an example of a hashtag. In Twitter, hashtags are used to make a tweet searchable. Generally in the case of a conference, the conference organizers will announce a hashtag prior to the conference start. #afpmeet was the hashtag we used throughout this particular conference. If the person who is tweeting inserts this hashtag into their tweet, then anyone who searches Twitter for this tag will find the tweet. (When originally posted, all the tweets on the following pages had the hashtag in them, that’s how I found them all. I have removed them in almost all cases because it got redundant seeing that over and over.)
    • RT means “retweet.” When this appears in front of a tweet, it means someone liked a tweet enough to “retweet” it. This is a way to give credit to the person who originally wrote the tweet.


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